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JACQUELINE & JOSHUA | kiener plaza


Yup, I’m used to the occasional rain. No biggie – the show must go on. But after an entire week of rescheduling sessions only for the Missouri weather forecast to be completely wrong and missing out on the most stunningly beautiful sunsets, I decided that I’ve about had it! We were going to make this engagement session happen! But as I drove into St. Louis cranking up the speed of my windshield wipers bit by bit, I started to realize that this was probably going to be my rainiest session yet.

As I pulled up to the Art Center – I was greeted by the sweetest couple – tightly nestled up under a small umbrella. We tackled the weather with a positive attitude, and we made some magic happen! Don’t get me wrong – I’m a sucker for golden hour sunsets, but there is something truly unique about popping champagne and eating pizza in the rain on an empty Kiener Plaza (when does that ever happen???)

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