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the MORTON family | Towne Park

"Can we bring our pet chicken to our session?" That's all you need to know to understand just how fun the Morton Family is!

We probably picked one of THE hottest days of the year but we had fun nonetheless. We started the session at Towne Park in Wentzville by turning on some music and letting the kids do their thing. Lots of snuggles and twirls later, we let dad venture off with the boys while taking sweet images of Samantha and the girls. But it wouldn't have been a true family session without brothers picking on their sister. She had spotted a single purple flower across the field but once her brothers noticed her excitement they ran past her and plucked the one flower in the field she truly wanted. She was not happy but once she got her flower back, she was all smiles again and we finished the session by getting some hilarious shots with the chicken, some sweet images of just mom and dad and we even found a mini drone dad had lost in the field the year prior to the session. (What are the odds???)

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