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YARBER MATERNITY | klondike park

Meet my dental hygenist, Emily!


Little did I know, that when I went for a dental checkup last year, I would leave with a new friend. My checkup appointment took way longer than expected and while we were waiting for the dentist, I got to chatting with Emily. I told her I’m a photographer and that I’d love to get into birth photography. Emily got super excited and invited me to photograph the birth of her little one – even though she wasn’t pregnant then. We became Facebook and real-life friends and the rest is history


Fast forward nine months – Emily and Ryan are expecting their first baby and I dragged them in front of my camera for some gorgeous sun-kissed maternity photos.

Emily – thanks for the fun sushi dates, the homebaked cookies, cleaning my teeth, and most of all thanks for being my friend.

I can’t wait to meet your little one!

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